• e_tile
    E_TILE - Multiple Innovation, Unique Solution
    E_tile is not necessarily a single product, but a set of
    products that provides a unified user-interface across
    multiple devices and media.
  • e_tile
    Technical Services for Events,
    Incentives and Congresses
    A touch-screen monitor on the lectern (installed at any desired size)
    gives full control of the presenters slides, also available is the possibility to use
    a wireless 10" tablet that allows total freedom around the stage or room.

    The audience, through their personal tablet or an assigned tablet from the event organizers,
    will have all the information regarding the event, agenda and presenters,
    and can use tools that allow them to interact with the stage during the presentations.

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We are a company specialized in IT solution, our aim is to imagine and develop new technologies designed to be applied mainly to Corporate Event business.


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Mobile Audience App

Through their personal tablet or an assigned tablet from the event organizers, the audience can interact with the stage in a revolutionary way, but also have access to several tools and services:

- Agenda of the event
- Presenter Bio’s
- Evaluation form
- PowerPoint presentations
- Videos
- Streaming
- Simultaneous translation
- ARS - Submit questions
- Sponsor banners


The system allows the presenter to show their slides through a touch-screen monitor, with the use of simple buttons accessing tools such as underlining, zooming in/out, inserting text notes and receiving questions directly from the audience.


Remote participation and interaction through streaming. The ONLINE participants will have the possibility to submit questions at any time directly from their devices. The presenter or chairman can then easily filter the questions and choose which to send to projection or simply discuss.


The system is used to track, manage and store various documents, organize files, and provide controlled access to this data. Therefore offering the possibility to send information, documents and pubblicity to pin-pointed participants. We can monitor the access and movement of each participant within the rooms in real-time by tracking each tablet.

The system cuts back on the need to print, hand out and collect various documents, diminishing the carbon footprint and the need for man-power. Post event, an incredible amount of data regarding each and every participant will be available to the organizers for re-elaboration.

The graphical aspect of each module of the software can be personalized according to the client’s needs including logos/sponsors etc. Each and every tablet can be personalized individually taking into consideration the language, origin and preferences of each participant. Messages can also be sent to specified participants pin-pointing certain marketing needs, both during the event and post-event.

Incorporating the mainstream Social Networks is also a possibility, as is partnering with third-party services/ software such as the management of electronic invitations, ECM and QR codes.


Digital signs are high-resolution monitors displaying messages, promotional offers, news updates, video, graphics, and other content. The displays are located in public areas such as stores, elevators, lobbies, bank or financial institution branches, and schools. You may also see them in offices, meeting rooms and other locations within businesses. The content is created and transmitted to displays through a networked digital signage solution.

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